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Green Industry Websites designs and builds website specifically for Landscapers. Our websites not only look good, they also offer a full range of tools. The following is a list of tools that can be included on each of our websites. These tools are only available on Green Industry Websites.


Plant Guide

Plant Guide The Plant Guide is one of our newest tools. When you add this tool to your website, your customers will be able to view, research, and add plants to their own plant list. You as a website owner will be able to log on to our admin tool and view the plants that each customer has chosen and create a design based on their choices. View Our Plant Guide

Online Payments

Online Payments Our online payments tool makes it quick and easy for your customers to pay online. Our high performance real-time credit card processing component, handles client side encryption to enable transaction processing from your site. This ensures that your site visitors have an intuitive experience and are not directed to the payment processors site to complete the transaction. Keeping your customers at your site also provides continuity and ensures that transactions are not abandoned due to questions over payment processing. Our payment processing tool supports over 50 gateways / processors including Bank of America, Authorize.Net, PayPal, Google Checkout, QuickBooks, along with many others. Learn More >

Marketing Toolchest

Marketing Toolchest The Marketing Toolchest collection of email tools are our most popular. They allow website owners the ability to create a reusable email template and email it to all of the email addresses that they have collected in their own database of leads (LeadTracker). This allows are website owners to easily and quickly communicate with both existing and potential customers free of charge.

Contact Us Forms

Contact Administrator Contact Us Forms make collecting and viewing customer information easy. It includes website forms for collecting user data such as addresses, phone numbers, etc. In addition, it automatically notifies the website owner via an email when someone has registered on the site. The email contains all of the information that the user entered. In addtion, all of the information is saved in a secure database for later use.

Auto Responders

Auto Responder With our multiple message autoresponder you can send a set of messages on pre-determined dates. Simply create your autoresponder messages, specify the timing of each send and assign the messages to a list. Each time someone is added to your list, whether it’s via the sign-up form on your website or manually, they will begin receiving your autoresponder messages. This enables you to effortlessly keep your brand and message in front of your current and potential clients, send out multiple-day e-courses, or put a sign up form on your website for visitors to instantly receive a special report or whitepaper. With our autoresponder you can schedule messages in advance such as a quarterly sale or an annual holiday greeting.

Quick Aerial Lot Calculator (Popular)

Quick Aerial Lot Calculator Use our online Quick Aerial Lot Calculator to remotely measure a client’s lawn size. You can accurately estimate the square footage of a complex area with a number of points. You simply enter the address of your customer and use the mouse to click the perimeter points of the area that you would like to measure. You can even measure separate areas (front yard, back yard, side yard) and add them to your total. Our tool also calculates the cost of the job based on your price per square foot. It only takes seconds and could save you money, gas, and time!

Customer Portal (New and Improved)

Customer Portal One of our latest tool allows you to provide a private area to communicate with your customers. Using our online admin website, you can add personal notes, upload photos, update private customer calenders, upload PDFs, landscape designs, and other file types. Your customers will login and only see their notes, photos, and files. We can also add links in the customer portal to accept payments.

Add-This Social Media Tool

Add This Your content can now be shared to more services than ever before. Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Digg... Sites popular in other countries like Meneame, Hatena, and NUjij... and even new utilities like Instapaper, Google Translate, and PDFthis. The best part is, the AddThis Service Directory is growing and automatically helps to keep your sharing tools up-to-date with these new services, so you don't have to. AddThis automatically optimizes itself for each person who visits your site. Every person shares differently, so AddThis custom fits each menu with the services they'll normally use. For example, if a user shares to Facebook and Amazon Wishlist, they will be presented with those first. Also, if a user is sharing from an iPhone, AddThis provides an alternate interface. This logic ensures that your content is always one click away, because the right service is always tailored to the right person. Note: AddThis is a free tool. We can add the code to your website at no additional cost.

Service Directory (Easy Updates)

Services The Service Directory list the name and a detailed description for each service that your company offers on the website for visitors to read. The tool allows you the ability to easily choose from a list of standard services (such as landscape maintenance, irrigation, aerating, landscape design, etc.) and then modify the text to meet your company's needs.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery The Photo Gallery tools allow you the ability to create galleries (for example: Irrigation Photos, Landscape Installations, Ponds, etc.) and then quickly upload pictures from you PC over the Internet. You can also manage the images on the site by making them Active (they appear on the website) or Inactive (they do not appear on the website) and you can change the gallery for a picture. Click to View Gallery Choices

Before and After Viewer

Before and After Our Before & After viewer allows you to upload a before image, an after image, write a description of each, and provide these images on your website in a photo gallery format. The new viewer will create a fading transition between the two photos.

Product Organizer

Cart The Product Organizer allows you to create product catalogs and add products (including descriptions and pictures) to the website. Visitors to your website will have the ability to click on a catalog (links will be located in the navigation menu) and view all of the products associated to a particular catalog. All of the product information is store in a database and can be easily edited.


Refer a Friend Our Refer-A-Friend tool gives your website visitors a chance to refer your company to a friend. They can enter a from name, from email, to name, to email, and a message. An email is sent from your website and the referral information is saved in a database that you can access at any time via our administration tools.

Link Master

Link Master The Link Master is one of our most flexible tools. Website owners often require the ability to quickly and easily add links (to websites, articles, etc.) to their websites. The Link Master offers you the ability to add and edit links online including News, FAQ, and Useful Links. By adding links to your website, you are able to provide updated information and a service to your visitors.

Flash Animations and Video

Video Flash Green Industry Websites can create custom designed Flash Slideshows that include any combination of images and text that you provide. The slideshows include easy to use navigation controls that allow the viewer to pause, stop, or rewind. We can also include a music soundtrack or an audio description of the images.

Search Functionality

Search Our complete website search tool allows your visitors to search your site quickly. They simply enter a search term and the tool examines all of the text on your service pages, homepage, about us page, and your plant guide. A page of results is generated that includes all of the pages that contain the term and provides them with a clickable link.

Landscape Material Calculators

Calculator Our easy to use landscape calculators will keep your customers and prospects coming back to your website. We currently have mulch, stone, and gravel calculators. We can also create custom calculators.

Job Scheduler

Job Scheduler The Job Scheduler allows you the oportunity to schedule jobs online. A website visitor is provided with an online form for work request. You will be notified via email when a work order has been submitted. At that time, you can use the administration screens to respond to the customer, schedule the job, and assign resources (assign the job to an employee or employees).

Job Viewer

Job Viewer The Job Viewer is a very useful sales tool. It allows online visitors that ability to find examples of your work. It displays a description, picture, and a map for work you have done in the past. Basically it is a high tech portfolio. Once the customer views a description and picture of a project, they can view a map to the location. If they are local, they will be able to drive to the location and see your work first hand.

Newsletter Editor

Newsletter Editor Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your customers. Our Newsletter Editor makes it easy to create a monthly newsletter and distribute it to your customers with a click on the mouse.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Our Orders and Shopping Cart tools give you the ability to add ecommerce to your website. Online visitors to your site will be able to browse available products (Product Organizer), add them to a shopping cart, and checkout. The checkout process is managed by PayPal and is a very economical option for small businesses. Shopping Example

Custom Development

Custom Tools We are constantly working to provide a comprehensive offering of online tools. But, it is impossible to include every tool that a business might need in a standard package. That is where our Custom Toolbox comes into play. The Custom Toolbox consist of specifically designed tools for your website. You provide us with the requirements of the tool (what you need it to do) and we will write the code to get the job done. It is just that easy.

"I was able to do 80-90% of my estimates online"

I wanted to send this message to let you know how valuable the quick aerial calculator is. When I started using it last year, I was able to do 80-90% of my estimates on line with the measuring tool. Living in Michigan, it’s hard to get out in January or February to do an estimate when there’s 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground; I was amazed at how accurate the measurements were. This tool has been so valuable in the sense of how much time and money (GAS), that it’s been able to save me. It’s also pretty cool when you are talking to a potential customer on the phone and you let them know that you are going to do an aerial estimate, they’re really impressed. There are a small percentage of properties that have been hard to measure due to excessive tree cover, but overall it’s been great!

Thanks Again,
Bill Flowers
Scream’n Green
Lawn Fertilization & Tree Care
Rochester Hills, MI

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