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Search Engine Optimization Packages

We offer a variety of seo packages to make it easy to get started with SEO on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. Compare the packages below but don’t let all of the options confuse you. You can always call (866) 968-2932 to ask questions and learn more. We’ll even customize one of our SEO packages that’s best for your business need; combining SEO features or focus only on those seo services that are important to your Green Industry business.

  SEO Starter SEO Level 1 SEO Level 2 SEO Level 3 SEO Lever 4 SEO Level 5


Setup Cost FREE * $195.00 $395.00 $695.00 $995.00 $1295.00
Monthly Expenses n/a n/a $39.95 $69.95 $99.95 $159.50


Keywords in Home, About Us, and Service Page Titles
Keywords in Dynamic Service Page Titles   3 pages 5 pages 8 pages 12 pages 20 pages
Keywords in Form Page Titles   1 form 1 form 2 forms 3 forms 5 forms
Keywords in Page Description
Keywords in Headers  
Keywords in Anchor Text      
Keywords in Image Titles    
Keywords in Beginning of Text  
Keywords in Metatags
Keyword Phrases    
Seasonal Keywords        

Links - Internal, Inbound, Outbound

Inbound links from Websites     2 monthly 4 monthly 6 monthly 8 monthly
Inbound Links from Blogs     5 monthly 10 monthly 15 monthly 25 monthly
Inbound Links from Community Boards     5 monthly 10 monthly 15 monthly 25 monthly
Link Exchange Program        
Internal Links (Named Anchors)  


Unique <Description> Metatags on Home, About Us, and Contact Us
Unique <Description> Metatags on Dynamic Service Pages  


5 pages

8 pages
12 pages
20 pages
Unique <Keywords> Metatag on Home, About Us, and Contact Us Pages  

Unique <Keywords> Metatag on Dynamic Service Pages  


5 pages

8 pages
12 pages
20 pages
<Language> Metatag


Unique Optimized Content    
3 pages
5 pages
7 pages
10 pages
Unique Content Updates    
Unique Content Headings    
Unique Keyword Updates (Seasonal Changes)      
Footer Navigation Links with Keywords    

List of Cities, Counties, and other Locations Covered      
List of Zipcodes    

Keyword Rich Confirmation / Thank You Page
Location Specific Landing Pages

Domains, URLs, and XML

XML Sitemap  

Unique Keyword Rich Names on Dynamic Pages  



Multiple Keyword Rich Domain Names Pointed at Website    

Reporting, Analysis

Keyword Recommendations    

Keyword Popularity Report with Seasonal Variances    


Competitive Analyis    


3 competitors
5 competitors
8 competitors
Top Ten Ranking Report per Keyword  


3 keywords

5 keywords
7 keywords
12 keywords
  FREE * $195 $395.00 $695.00 $995.00 $1295.00
* The Free Starter Package only applies to websites purchased after June 2010. There will be a $95 charge for websites that were purchased before this date. Prior to this date we did not offer SEO services as part of our website design packages.
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