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Monthly Maintenance Program: Much More Than Just Hosting!

All of our websites are hosted on dedicated Porterware servers located in a secure datacenter. In addition to website hosting services, our monthly maintenance program also includes email hosting, database storage, database backups, code backups, image backups, and technical support.

Included Services:

  • Website Hosting
  • Text and Image Additions
  • Email Hosting
  • Email SPAM Filters
  • Database Storage (unlimited)
  • Database Backups (nightly)
  • Code & Content Backups
  • Image Backups
  • Technical Support

Website Hosting Services

While web pages are designed and developed on a single computer, they must be transferred to a server, or host, so that they are available to the rest of the world over the Internet. A host is simply a computer that has a constant, high speed connection to the Internet. Our Maintence Programs include website hosting on one of our dedicated web servers. The servers are housed in a secure datacenter than is managed 24 hours a day with redundent power.

Text and Image Additions

You can always update the text, images, and links on your website. An easy to follow admin website quide is provided. We can also make updates for you for a hourly charge.

Email Hosting

All of our website packages include email hosting for 5-60 email addresses depending on the package that you choose. We will create the individual email addresses for you at no additional charge. In addition, we can forward emails, set out of office responses, and filter your emails for SPAM.

Email SPAM Filters

Email hosting includes a SPAM filter. SpamAssassin is a mail filter to identify spam. It is an intelligent email filter which uses a diverse range of tests to identify unsolicited bulk email, more commonly known as Spam. These tests are applied to email headers and content to classify email using advanced statistical methods. In addition, SpamAssassin has a modular architecture that allows other technologies to be quickly wielded against spam and is designed for easy integration into virtually any email system.

Database Storage

Each of our websites utilizes a backend Microsoft SQL Server database to provide dynamic data. The storage space required is included in your monthly maintenance fee. As with image and code storage, the larger the website package the more space is required. The additional space requirments are reflected in incremental increases in fees per package.

Nightly Backups

Each database is backed up nightly. In addition, nightly backups are made of the code and images contained in your website. The backups are created in the event of data loss from equipment failure and operator error. In most cases, lost data can be restored from backups. However, if the data was created between backups, it may be lost. Please note: emails are not saved on the server and should be backed-up on your local machine.

Technical Support

We are always available to provide you with technical support related to the services that we offer. There is never a fee for technical support. We can be reached via email or phone during regular business hours. Due to various office networking systems, we cannot supply technical support for your local network or email client.

Datacenter - Dedicated Servers

Our datacenter uses state-of-the-art technologies and industry best practices. They provide our clients with a rock solid IT infrastructure and quality support. You can feel confident that when you purchase services from us, your data will be safe.

Located in near disaster free Arizona, our datacenter features:

  • N+2 Redundant Primary Power Architecture
  • N+1 Redundant Chilled Water Cooling and Air Handling System
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring by Brinkster Personnel
  • Diesel Power Generator Backup
  • Biometric Access Control Security
  • Advanced Smoke Detection (VESDA) and Fire Prevention System
  • Maintained by Industry Certified Engineers
  • Green Power: 100% of the energy used to power the datacenter comes from Wind Energy (via Renewable Energy Credits), making us a Green host.
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