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Design Preferences

To assist with creating your website design, please complete the questionaire below.

NOTE: Many of the options below include links to example websites. Click on the (view an example) link next to the appropriate option.

Your Name:
Email Address:
Current Website URL:  (exp.

Do you prefer navigation at the top or down the side of the page?  (view an example)top nav
 (view an example)Navigation on the left side.
 (view an example)Navigation along the top and left side.

Do you prefer a wide width or standard width? Note: New monitors are oriented in a letterbox format. Laptops also use a letterbox or wide screen format. Therefore, most of our new websites are 960px wide.  (view an example)Wide Format
 (view an example)Standard Width

Do you like square or rounded corners?  (view an example)Wide Format
  (view an example)Wide Format

Would you like to have a "cleaner" less cluttered look or would like to provide more information on your homepage?  (view an example)Wide Format
Note: Providing more information on the homepage increases the chances of your website ranking higher in search engines.  (view an example)Wide Format

IMPORTANT: List the URL (exp. of any websites that you would like for us to use as inspiration in your design. We will not copy these websites, but we may create a similar layout or use the same type of style.
Website #1 URL:
What do you like about Website #1:
Website #2 URL:
What do you like about Website #2:
Website #3 URL:
What do you like about Website #3:

Enter Your Website Colors:RGB if possible
(exp. #009900)
Do you like warmer colors or sharper colors?
Do you like darker (black, dark brown, dark green) backgrounds or lite colors (white, tan, cream)?
How long have you been in business?
Who are your primary customers? Age, Income Level, etc.
Do you have customer testimonials to add to your website? (note: you do not have to add them at this time)
Do you have a Referral Program? If so, please give details.
List the primary areas that you service: Example: North Shore, Metro Detroit, San Diego Beach Communities, etc.
List the 3 services that you would like to emphasize the most on the homepage:
Enter your marketing tag line: (example: "The Name You Can Trust")
List your key strategic advantages over your competition: (example: We are the areas only provider of ABC. Or, "Our designers bring 150 years of combined experience to every project.")
Are you a member of any trade organizations or green industry associations? If so, please list them here. If possible, include website addresses.
Please list any Certifications, Awards, or Licenses.
Sketches, Drawings, Doodles: A sketch or doodle of what you have in mind is very helpful. You can simply sketch out the format that you would like and take a digital picture of it and email it to us at .
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